Wednesday, November 18, 2009

When Will You Marry?: Your Romantic Destiney Through Astrology

When do the planets predict marriage for you? Look at the romance charts contained in this title to help determine whether love will work with a particular person; or use this book to predict both financial and emotional success. This provides a lively format with which to predict marriage trends. -- Midwest Book Review

Product Description
This text focuses on the timing as a definitive factor in successful marriage relationships. This book should engage even the most advanced student of astrology in search of the perfect mate. It guides the reader through the process of identifying what they need in a marriage partner and the most favourable times to meet that partner based on transits to the natal chart. Clear instruction on comparing your chart with that of a potential mate is provided. This match-making system is laid out chapter-by-chapter, with instruction progressing from the basics - like the natal chart and compatible signs - to fine tuning with Sun-Moon midpoints, chart linkups and Arabian parts. By the time the reader reach's the latter parts, they should be able to confirm with exactness whether or not a particular person is "the one".

About the Author
Rose Murray (Santa Monica, Calif.) has regular columns in Dell Horoscope and American Woman magazines and contributes articles to Dell, American Astrology and others. She writes the monthly predictions in Llewellyns Astrological Calendar.