Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Journey of the Promise - A Story of Adventure and Mystery - A Perfect Life That Is Not What It Seems - Journey of Discovery and Secret Places - Destin

Product Description
Callie McAllister falls in love with the perfect man and moves into the perfect house, but she wakes up one morning to find that things are far from perfect. In her search for answers, Callie discovers the journal of young Antone Bellani. As she reads the experiences of her husbands great-great-grandfather, her life takes on new meaning. Soon she sets out on an incredible journey that leads her through secret rooms and hidden caves to those who have waited hundreds of years for her to fulfill a promise made in another time. In Journey of the Promise, popular author JoAnn Arnold brings to those who enjoyed her first book, Miracles for Michael, another novel of adventure and intrigue. ISBN: 0-882-90785-9, SIZE: 6" x 9" CATEGORY: LDS Fiction