Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Investing in Real Estate

Product Description

A fully revised, new edition of one of the bestselling real estate investing guides of all time

Through its five previous editions, Investing in Real Estate has shown investors how to intelligently build wealth with their investments in houses, condominiums, and small apartment buildings. Unlike many titles in this genre, Investing in Real Estate steers clear of the hyped-up “no cash, no credit, no problem” promises. Instead, it provides sound, real-world advice and instruction that reflects the author’s time-tested wisdom and experience. This book shows you how to invest profitably, safely, and reliably as you navigate the risks and opportunities of today’s property market. It covers all the topics investors need to master, including how to find, negotiate, finance, lease out, and manage your property acquisitions. Plus, you will discover how to add tens of thousands of dollars of value to nearly any property. Whether you plan to start investing or move   your current investing strategy to a higher level, two decades of sales success testifies to the fact that this investing guide stands superior to any others that you will find.

This new edition covers all the recent changes in the market, including the latest housing rescue legislation from Congress, a historical review of how to profit from property cycles, and insightful new ways to gain from the current excess inventories of for-sale properties, foreclosures, and REOs.

• Author Gary W. Eldred has also authored ten other successful real estate titles, including The Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investing, The 106 Mistakes Homebuyers Make—and How to Avoid Them, and The 106 Mortgage Secrets that All Borrowers Must Learn—but Lenders Don’t Tell
• Completely revised to cover current ways to prosper in today’s property markets
• Includes new, insider techniques for foreclosure investing
• Features fifteen new ways to profit with property investments
• Shows you how to buy properties for less than they are worth from many sources including auctions, bank sales, and homebuilders

Investing in Real Estate, Sixth Edition retains its premier position as the most reliable, informative, and comprehensive guides to successful real estate investing.

From the Back Cover

THE BESTSELLING GUIDE TO REAL ESTATE INVESTING—NEWLY REVISED FOR TODAY'S MARKETHere's how to profit from today's buyer's market. Now more than ever, investing in property will set you on track to establish independent income and financial freedom. Investing in Real Estate, Sixth Edition offers dozens of straightforward, experience-proven strategies and techniques to generate quick profits as well as build your long-term wealth. Now really is the time to invest.
In this thorough and fresh new edition, internationally prominent real estate investor Gary W. Eldred provides you with solid ways to grow a profitable portfolio. He covers the best techniques to buy properties for less than they are worth and shows you how property investing opens the door to more than twenty sources of financial returns. You'll learn how to negotiate like a pro, read market trends, and find multiple ways to finance your transactions. Plus, there's more:
  • Real opportunities—not media babble—that reveal the rewards of today's buyer's market
  • Fifteen new ways to profit through property
  • Find the neighborhoods and properties that will appreciate fastest
  • Effective tax strategies to protect your income and wealth from the IRS
  • Tips on recognizing and avoiding pitfalls, mortgage scams, and other investing misadventures
  • Savvy strategies to bid smart in property auctions
  • Market-derived improvements that add big value as well as competitive advantage to your properties
Investment pros will profit greatly in today's real estate market. To join them, all you need is the know-how and competitive edge that you'll gain from Investing in Real Estate, Sixth Edition—the one dependable guide to building real estate wealth in any economy.

About the Author

GARY W. ELDRED, PhD, is the author of The Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing and 106 Mortgage Secrets All Homebuyers Must LearnBut Lenders Don't Tell, both from Wiley. A real estate investor, he speaks at major investment conferences and has served on the graduate business faculties at Stanford University and the University of Virginia.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Summer at Willow Lake

From Publishers Weekly

The latest contemporary from Wiggs (Table for Five) is a quiet, character-based romance set at the Catskills camp that Olivia Bellamy is renovating for her grandparents' 50th anniversary. Helping out is contractor Connor Davis, who initially doesn't recognize Olivia as the girl whose heart he broke a decade before at the very same camp. Now, both hold grudges against the other that hide their insecurities; although he's become successful and sophisticated, Connor believes Olivia's social status puts her out of his league, while Olivia remains buried in her awkward-little-fat-girl memories. The narrative switches off between present-day action and the summers Olivia and Connor spent at Camp Kioga, filling in the spaces of their relationship with each other and with their dysfunctional families. Wiggs's storytelling is heartwarming, but avoids schmaltz, and her chick-lit–ready leads seem older than their 20-some years, adding weight to their stories. Happily clutter free—no subplots to take attention away from the intelligent, appealing couple—this book, first in a series, should appeal to romance and women's fiction readers of any age. (Aug.)
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From Booklist

Camp Kioga means many things to many people. For Olivia Bellamy, whose family operated the camp in the Catskills, it's all about bad memories. Although she was just as rich as the other attendees, she was never as pretty or thin or self-assured. The only thing that kept her from being completely miserable was the arrival each summer of Connor Davis. For Connor, the camp took him away from a life far different than Olivia's and showed him how life could be. Connor and Olivia finally have a relationship, which seems to scar her heart. Years later, a slimmed-down, professional Olivia is asked by her grandmother to prepare the camp for her fiftieth wedding anniversary. Connor is still in the area, and as soon as she hires him to help with the project, feelings arise on both sides. How good is perennially popular Wiggs in her new romance? Superb. Wonderfully evoked characters, a spellbinding story line, and insights into the human condition will appeal to every reader. Maria Hatton
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lady Beware: A Novel of the Company of Rogues by Jo Beverley

From Booklist

Returning home from the war, Horatio Cave, now the Viscount Darien, is determined to restore the luster to the Cave name, which has been tarnished by scandal. The key element in Horatio's campaign to win back the ton is Lady Theodosia Debenham. Horatio offers to clear the recent rumor that her brother Dare deserted the field at Waterloo if Thea will pretend to be his fiancĂ©e for at least six weeks. Determined to help her beloved brother no matter the cost, Thea agrees, even though it means she must spend all of her free time with the deliciously dark, definitely dangerous, and decidedly sexy Horatio. After completing her Company of Rogues series with Lord Dare Debenham's story in To Rescue a Rogue (2006), Beverley returns to that same captivating world for the tale of the one man who hated the Rogues and the woman who falls in love with him. Risk, deception, and desire all come together brilliantly in Beverley's latest delectably sexy and wickedly witty Regency historical. Charles, John
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""Beverley brings the Regency period to life in this highly romantic story. She's most adept at making the reader care for her vividly portrayed characters. They will be engrossed by this emotionally packed story of great love, tremendous courage and the return of those attractive and dangerous men known as the Rogues. Her Company of Rogues series is well-crafted, delicious and wickedly captivating." Joan Hammond -- Romantic Times, June 2007

Lady Beware: A Novel of the Company of Rogues Book Review

For generations, the Cave family has been marked by scandal, madness, and violence. But after earning a reputation for bravery in the army, Horatio Cave, the new Viscount Darien, has come home to charm London society and restore the family name. He means to start with the lovely Lady Thea Debenham. The magnetism between them is immediate, but can Thea trust the dark, sexy "Vile Viscount"? And will Thea's brother Dare-the most dashing member of the Company of Rogues-believe that Horatio does not deserve the cursed Cave reputation?

From the Author:

My classic Regency "group of friends" series about the Company of Rogues ended in 2006 when the final Rogue found happiness in To Rescue A Rogue. I've been working with these characters and their world for 30 years now, however, so I can't abandon them, and Lady Beware is set in that version of Regency England.
The heroine is sister to Lord Darius Debenham (of TRAR)and the hero has a Roguish connection, too. He knew the Rogues at Harrow school but he's no fan. In fact, he's the man who hates the Rogues, and when he sees a way to use Thea and her family to achieve his goal, he's very satisfied to grasp it.

From the Back Cover

Critics everywhere are rejoicing over Jo Beverley’s splendid Rogues series, calling it “exquisitely sensual” and “refreshingly different.“ Now she returns with an unforgettable story of irresistible passion and honor under attack.

For generations, the Cave family has been marked by scandal, madness, and violence. But after earning a reputation for bravery and loyalty in the army, Horatio Cave, the new Viscount Darien, has come home to charm London society and restore the family name. He means to start with lovely Lady Thea Debenham.

The magnetism between Thea and Lord Darien is immediate—and enraptured Thea knows this is no innocent flirtation. But can she trust the dark, sexy “Vile Viscount”? Even if she can convince herself, she may not be able to convince her family, particularly her brother, Dare that Darien does not deserve the cursed Cave reputation....

About the Author: Jo Beverley

Jo Beverley is the bestselling author of over 30 historical romance novels which have won her nearly every award in romantic fiction. She is a five-time winner of the prestigious RITA award, and one of only 7 members of the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame.
Jo Beverley now lives in Canada, but she was born, raised, and educated in England, and holds a degree in English history. This makes her one of a rare group of North American historical romance authors who writes English-set historicals from an English perspective.

Aegean Waves: Artworks of the Early Cycladic Culture in the Museum of Cycladic Art by Nicholas Stampolidis

Aegean Waves: Artworks of the Early Cycladic Culture in the Museum of Cycladic Art Book Review

Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Cycladic culture is best known for its flat female idols carved out of the islands’ pure white marble. This beautiful illustrated book explores these periods in Cycladic culture and how the natural environment of the islands shaped its art. It also addresses the settlements of these periods and the artifacts produced by their potters, marble-carvers, and metalworkers. Maps are interspersed throughout the text, along with a chronological table, plans of known settlements, cemeteries, and individual tombs, as well as photographs of archaeological digs and landscapes by well-known photographers. Items from the Museum’s Collection are also presented, followed by commentary and comprehensive text that venture at the items’ probable significance and functions.

About the Author: Nicholas Stampolidis

Nicholas Stampolidis is Director of the Museum of Cycladic Art. Peggy Sotirakopoulou is a prehistorian and Curator at the Museum.

Phrenology Porcelain Head Bust MG020 by Authentic Models

Phrenology Porcelain Head Bust MG020 Book Review

The Authentic Models Porcelain Phrenology Bust is an exact replica of the Staffordshire china fine cracked porcelain originals. Phrenology is a foreign subject to our modern medical practices but in the Victorian era it was common practice. Each of the 48 faculties of the brain served as a sort of map to a person's innate nature and personality. With such areas as love, intellectuality, energy levels, and morals; doctors believed they could tell everything about a person from mapping out the bumps and oddities of the human skull. Although Phrenologists are no longer in practice this bust will serve as a great conversation piece on your mantle or bookshelf. 7-1/2" L x 7-1/2" W x 13-1/2" H