Monday, December 7, 2009

Nights of Ice: True Stories of Disaster and Survival on Alaska's High Seas

Product Description
Spike Walker has spent more than a decade fishing in the subzero hell of Alaska's coastal waters. This collection--coming on the heels of his classic memoir Working on the Edge--is a testament to the courage of those who brave nature's wrath each fishing season, and to the uncontrolled power of nature herself.. The crewmen in Nights of Ice face a constant onslaught of roaring waves, stories-high swells, and life-stealing ice. Tested by the elements, these seamen battle for their vessels and their lives, on every page evincing a level of courage and a will to live seldom found elsewhere in modern society.

About the Author
Spike Walker's memior of his own adventures at sea, Working on the Edge, was hailed as "the definitive account of this perilous trade" by James A. Michener. The author of Coming Back Alive, Spike has worked aboard some of the most successful crab boats in the Alaskan fleet, and rode out one of the worst storms in Alaska's histroy. Now dividing his time between Oregon and Alaska, he is at work on his third book.