Friday, November 20, 2009

Web Hosting

Product Description
This is a hands-on introductory resource for effectively serving as a corporate Web host. Shows how to implement the essential technology--running servers, operating software, network resources, and database-management applications--needed to offer customers high-quality service.

From the Author
Web hosts need to assume the role of a frontline consultant, to offer insights and core solutions that "significantly add to a business's existing processes", according to Carl Burnham, author of WEB HOSTING, A Complete Strategy. "Web hosts that focus on how their customer's business operates, are able to speak their language, avoid "technospeak", and be more responsive to customer support needs will thrive," Burnham says.

Some of the value-added Web services in hottest demand that are highlighted in the book include: performance monitoring streaming media services content distribution security load balancing managed hosting

"Web hosts that market on price, and not these critical value-added services will not survive. As more brick-and-mortar businesses now venture online, opportunities for web hosts to capture new markets continue to arise. Existing web sites with basic brochure-type content are seeking to add e-commerce capabilities."

Besides providing essential strategies for IT professionals interested in web hosting, it also gives valuable insights to businesses. The business professional can learn about the different types of web hosts, how to improve their own customer service, and how a business can decide among hosting plans available to outsource to that will provide the most significant advantages for their type of operations.