Friday, November 20, 2009

Programming Entity Framework

Product Description
Written by Julia Lerman, the leading independent authority on the framework, Programming Entity Framework includes scores of reusable examples--written in both Visual Basic and C#--that you can implement right away. This book will help you:

* Understand the core concepts you need to make the best use of the Entity Framework (EF) in your applications
* Learn to query your data, using either LINQ to Entities or Entity SQL
* Create Windows Forms, WPF, and ASP.NET applications
* Build ASMX web services and WCF services
* Use Object Services to work directly with your entity objects
* Delve into model customization, relationship management, change tracking, data concurrency, and more

Presented in a clear narrative style that reflects the hundreds of hours the author has spent consulting, teaching, and writing about this new data access technology and testing its myriad features, Programming Entity Framework will help you master the technology and put it to work.

About the Author
Julia Lerman is the leading independent authority on the Entity Framework and has been using and teaching the technology since its inception two years ago. She is well known in the .NET community as a Microsoft MVP, ASPInsider and INETA Speaker. She is a prolific blogger, a frequent presenter at technical conferences around the world, including DevConnections and TechEd and she writes articles for many well-known technical publications.