Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs: Small Doses for Small Animals

"This wonderful, compassionate book convinced me to use only veterinarians who use only homeopathy. Read it. You'll see. You will agree."
-Jeffrey Mousaieff Masson

"Dr. Hamilton offers a clear, comprehensive, solid foundation in veterinary homeopathy that allows it to be accessible to animal guardians. It is an extremely valuable contribution to the field of veterinary homeopathy."
-Allen Schoen, D.V.M., M.S.

Product Description
This book, the first book written by an American veterinarian specializing in homeopathic medicine, teaches the average consumer how to use natural remedies to treat common, acute, and chronic problems in cats and dogs. Hamilton covers digestive complaints, skin diseases (including flea irritation), respiratory disorders, urinary diseases, mouth, teeth, and gum problems, ear pain, musculoskeletal ailments, injuries and traumas, and psychological and behavioral problems. He also addresses several issues that cannot be found in any other book on veterinary medicine including how to treat hyperactive cats and dogs, how to differentiate between true healing and suppression or palliation of a disease, and the dangers of veterinary vaccination.

About the Author
Don Hamilton, D.V.M., is a conventionally-trained veterinarian who has been practicing medicine for twenty years. He has been practicing veterinary homeopathy for thirteen years and as taught in the professional homeopathic veterinary course sponsored by the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy. Hamilton did his arly training in homeopathic veterinary care with Dr. Richard Pitcairn; he has studied with world-renowned homeopaths such as Francisco Eizayaga of Argentinam Rajan Sankaran of India, Alize Timmerman of the Netherlands, and Jungian homeopath Edward C. Whitmont of the U.S. He maintains a practice in New Mexico.