Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Vaccine Alternatives" An Essential Guide for Patients, Parents, Travelers, and Healthcare Workers: How to Prevent and Treat Illness Using Natural Rem

Product Description
"Immunity is more than immunization." In fact, the vaccines intended to protect you may actually be hindering your body's natural ability to fight biological threats. Do you ever wonder if that annual flu shot does any good at all? Have you ever questioned the wisdom of injecting infants with toxins and live viruses? You're not alone. The chorus of concern about medical vaccines grows louder every year. However, the author wants to do more than tell you what's wrong with all those shots. He wants to point you toward something right. Read this book to find: * A plan for lasting IMMUNITY. * A Clear introduction to herbal healing, hydrotherapy, and other natural remedies. * Detailed plans for preventing and treating common illnesses, The Missing Link.