Friday, October 9, 2009

Growing and Propagating Wild Flowers

You will find this book helpful no matter where you garden.

Southern Living

No wildflower enthusiast should be without this useful, informative book.

American Horticulturist
Product Description
This book, the most complete and expert treatment of wild flower propagation and cultivation to date, offers a sure approach to gardening with native plants while practicing good conservation. Based on ten years of pioneering research at the North Carolina Botanical Garden, Growing and Propagating Wild Flowers features
practical, easy-to-follow methods for raising native plants from seeds, cuttings, and divisions
specific instructions on the propagation and cultivation of plants representing nearly 100 genera of wild flowers, carnivorous plants, and ferns
more than 250 illustrations, including 32 color photographs and 3 sample design plans for a perennial border
For each species treated, the author includes
descriptions of growth habits, flowers, fruits and seeds
outstanding ornamental characteristics, flowering and fruiting times
detailed directions on the collection, cleaning, storage, and germination of seed
information on cultivation and use in the home landscape
notes on related species and their propagation
The native plants cited as examples are found primarily in the eastern United States. The propagation and handling techniques, however, will be useful throughout the temperate areas of the country.

About the Author
The author, the editors, and the illustrator are affiliated with the North Carolina Botanical Garden at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Harry R. Phillips is former curator of native plants, J. Kenneth Moore is assistant director, and C. Ritchie Bell is director emeritus. Dorothy S. Wilbur is programs coordinator for the Garden.