Thursday, October 1, 2009

DesiDieter's Weight Loss Program

DesiDieter's Weight Loss Program is reviewed by numerous medical and general-interest publications, including us. We also consulted user opinions of this plan on

Weight Loss Diet Plan has been subjected to the most clinical studies of all the weight-loss programs. This plan encourages a sensible diet of healthy, ordinary foods, combined with exercise and a positive attitude. Weight Loss Diet Plan is also flexible, reviewers say, which makes it easier to stick with, and its costs are reasonable. In-person group meetings and weigh-ins are the cornerstone of the Desi Dieters diet plan; the food plan demands strict calorie control, but does not require the purchase of prepackaged food. Critics of the plan say counting "points" doesn't necessarily encourage healthier eating, but overall, Weight Loss Diet Plan has a vastly better long-term record than any other diet plan, including Slim-Fast.