Sunday, October 11, 2009

Convair Deltas: From Sea Dart to Hustler

All of this is enhanced by a super selection of photos and illustrations from a variety of sources, making it another outstanding Specialty Press presentation. It is a book that I can easily recommend to you and I know that once you start to read it, you will agree. ---Modeling Madness, reviewed by Scott Van Aken, September 2009

Product Description
Convair Deltas: From SeaDart to Hustler tells the compelling story of America's aerospace industry in its heyday, when manufacturers boldly took the initiative to explore futuristic new designs by actually building and test flying airplanes to determine how well they would work, if at all. Convair led the way in this area with America's only complete family of delta-wing aircraft that included America's first delta-wing jet, the one-of-a-kind XF-92 experimental prototype, the XF2Y-1 jet-powered seaplane, the XFY-1 Pogo turboprop vertical takeoff and landing fighter, the F-102 Delta Dagger and F-106 Delta Dart supersonic missile-firing interceptors, and the revolutionary record-breaking four-engine B-58 Hustler the world's first Mach 2 strategic bomber. Noted aviation author Bill Yenne thoroughly documents Convair's quest to conquer the aerodynamic mysteries of the delta wing with stories of the dramatic struggles and technological breakthroughs that gave the world some of its greatest fighter and bomber aircraft.

About the Author
Bill Yenne has traveled far and wide to research his topics and shoot the photographs that have appeared in his books. He has flown in the jump seat of a B-52 and has worked with the legendary U.S. Air Force commander, General Curtis E. LeMay, to produce Superfortress: The B-29 and American Airpower in World War II, which Publisher's Weekly described as "an eloquent tribute." Yenne is the author of more than 75 non-fiction books on a wide variety of topics, from history, to popular culture, to transportation.