Monday, August 24, 2009


Grade 4-6 Vivid color photographs dominate each large white page, accompanying a text which provides the history and rules of 22 different sports, along with a look at the historical evolution of the equipment used in each. Reproductions depict the early origins of the sports. The British slant of the book is evident in the book's focus: basketball is treated in one page, while cricket is given four. A few informational errors are also evident in the explanation of the rules of the predominantly American sports. For example, it is stated that in football there are no strict rules on numbers that position players must wear, while in actuality, linebacker Brian Bosworth of the Seattle Seahawks brought a suit against the NFL in an attempt to wear a number that is assigned to linemen. Also, in depicting a referee's signal, the call is identified correctly as a missed kick but Hammond fails to mention that the same signal is used more frequently to indicate an incomplete pass. Aside from these and a couple of other minor errors, the book is both informative and eye- pleasing. While there isn't a complete explanation of the rules of each sport, readers can garner a basic understanding. The photographs used to show the technological advances in sporting equipment are a story in themselves and form the basis of the book. Tom S. Hurlburt, Minneapolis Public Lib .
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