Friday, August 21, 2009

Essentials of Statistics for the Behavioral Science

Noreen Dulin, Vanguard University of Southern California: "The text is very easy to read and the learning checks and sample problems give help to students to both understand the material and self-assess their understanding."

Mark Vosvick, University of North Texas: ". . . the language and treatment of statistics is very accessible . . . this is my first review of this textbook and I was very much impressed with it."

Gravetter and Wallnau's proven best-seller gives you straightforward instruction, guaranteed accuracy, built-in learning aids, and plenty of real-world examples that will help you understand statistical concepts. The authors take time to explain statistical procedures so that you can go beyond memorizing formulas and gain a conceptual understanding of statistics. The authors also take care to show you how having an understanding of statistical procedures will help you comprehend published findings and will lead you to become a savvy consumer of information. Known for its exceptional accuracy and examples, this text also has a complete supplements package to support your learning.